Bajkazyl HK
Československé armády 216/41,
50003 Hradec Králové
+420 721 241 516
  • 600 CZK - bike rental for the whole semester (approximately 4 months)
  • 400 CZK - bike rental for up to 2 months (400CZK is minimum price)

Community bike-service Bajkazyl HK offers approximately 20 city bikes available for rental.
They are provided with basic gear: lights, lock, basket etc...
You only need to pick up the bike personally and listen carefully to additional info (especially how to lock your bike properly)

Important notes:

  • Only cash is accepted!
  • There is need to place a deposit of 2000CZK which will be returned to you with the bike retrieval
  • The bike is not possible to rent only for few days, a period of at least one month is required for a minimum price of 400CZK