Feedback on online lessons

For UHK students

What did you think about your online lessons? Did you have any problems with the online teaching? Please, let the UHK know!

Hello, folks! 

It’s this time of the semester in which you can give feedback to the university about online teaching (and we hope you did some learning, too). 

Your feedback helps the university understand issues that come up in this new modality, work on them, and improve. Taking 10 minutes to fill it this questionnaire could considerably improve the quality of education for everybody in the UHK receives. 

Deadline to fill it in: 11-11-2020

Where can you fill it in? 

First, go to Then, change the language to English. 


Then, log in with your UHK account (hint: skip the “” part of your school email ). 

Then, go to “Quality Evaluation” 

Fill it in :) 


Remember: “ano” means “yes”, and “ne” means “no”! 

You can make general comments about the course, and review the course as anonymous. Of course, you can always sign it, if you would prefer to do so.

Don’t forget to mention if you had any issues with the course! Including not being able to connect to the course because of internet connection at the dorms :) 

If you have any questions, text us on IG, Whatsapp, or FB. 



Written by: María Ximena Suárez Salgado