Another SocialErasmus event is finally here!
Every semester buddies and erasmus students visits local shelter and take some abandoned dogs for a walk in the forest. Show them that even if they does not have loving family, they can get some love from us. There are a lot more you can do to join SE, check it here:

Where: we will meet at Palachova dorms at 12:30 and take bus no. 9 from Stefanikova to the last stop Lesní hřbitov together.

People from Hotel Garni can come to Palachova or catch a bus from Mrštíkova stop, which is situated close to Futurum. The bus leaves at 12:56 from Štefánikova and at 12:59 from Mrštíkova. Please, don’t be late, the next bus leaves an hour later.

Please don’t bring anything of your own, the people from the shelter told us exactly what they need and anything else could make the dogs sick

Event starts: 
03/11/2019 -
12:30 to 15:00
Local shelter
Meeting Point: 
Bus station Štefánikova
Event type: 
  • None