ave you ever wondered why the heck we were sooo famous throughout the history?
Well, wonder no more!
On our next trip we are joining our for E with ESN Hradec Králové and we are going to take you to the beautiful town of Kutná Hora, which made our land famous one time.
"Why should I go?"
'Cause you are about to taste the local cuisine, you're about to explore the one and (not so) only Bone Church, cathedrals and mainly: The Silver mine from 14th Century! That's right! And original and well-preserved silver mine.
And of course, lots of local and czech beer
‼️Be Fast, we only have 25 places and there are two ESN section fighting for them. So what you have to do is register and do the payment on time!

Registration is comleted after payment

Deadline is Wednesday (06.11.2019, 23:59, for both REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT)
Price: 350czk (if you have ISIC or Orange card), 650czk if you don't have any of that card (lunch not included in the price)
Looking forward seeing you in Kutná Hora

Event starts: 
10/11/2019 -
06:30 to 20:00
Kutná Hora
Meeting Point: 
Palachova dormitory
25 people
Event type: 
  • Registration is necessary