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Hello everyone,
do you remember our last quiz night? It was fun, right? So let's continue. We will have new 5 rounds, new 5 topics, including some pictures and music. So prepare yourself, come and three best teams will win a prize! 

There can only be max 4 people in one team. Please again find your team members fill in your team into this form.
Please register your team, so we will know, how many tables we will need and it will be more easy for us and for you.

There is only one rule:
You are not allowed to use Google or a smartphone. If you get caught cheating (using your mobile) your team will be disqualified or you will do something embarrassing, like singing something nice. 

Come and enjoy the evening while testing your knowledge! See you in Náplavka!

!!!Please, be there on time! The quiz night starts at 19:30 and if you will be late, its problem of your team, that you will not have points from some rounds !!!

Event starts: 
29/03/2018 -
19:30 to 22:30
Faculty of Informatics (building J - FIM)
80 people
Event type: 
  • Registration is necessary