Masopusti Tradition also known as slavic carnivals, Bulgarian:Сирни заговезни, Прошка (Sirni zagovezni, Proska), Russian: Масленица, Мясопуст (Maslenitsa, Miasopust), Polish: Mięsopust, Zapusty, Czech: Masopust, Šibřinky, Ostatky, Slovak: Fašiangy, Slovene: Mesopȗst, Pust, Pustni teden, Serbian: Покладе, Poklade, Croatian: Pust, Poklade, Mesopust. 
A universal feature of masopust is the wearing of masks, singing, dancing, the costumed characters make their way from house to house, where they're treated to food and drink. The procession usually ends in the pub, where the eating, drinking and merrymaking often continue until morning. 

This tradition is celebrated in many parts of the world. On 3rd of March it is going to be in Piletice, near to Hradec Králové and we will be glad to take you guys there! 

Event starts: 
03/03/2019 -
10:00 to 16:00
Šrámkův statek, Piletice
Meeting Point: 
Hlavní nádraží at 12:25, bus number 13
Event type: 
  • Registration is necessary