Not afraid of food poisoning?! Think you are a master chef but really just burn everything?! Then this is the perfect event for you!

You can eat and drink all you want (although some of the items brought along are not recommended), laugh at people mispronouncing the names of the dishes and afterwards dance til you puke it up again.

I am excited, aren't you? :D

What to bring: Cook something typical from your country and bring it along to share with others 

Maybe national food or just the one you eat the most in your country.

Paper plates, plastic cutlery, and other necessary stuff we will bring so don't worry about it. Please just bring something to serve your food with (big knife or spoon)

Folk costumes are welcomed as well.

Event starts: 
15/02/2019 -
17:00 to 20:00
University of Hradec Kralove, FIM
Event type: 
What to bring: 
  • serving tools (spoon/forks etc.)
  • None