>>> This event is intended for students outside Pardubice as "our Pardubice guys" have their own event in closed FB group <<<

ESN Pardubice and especially your buddies team of Martin, Anna, Kami, Tomáš, Kristýna, Vojtěch, Markéta, Jaroslav, Veronika and Lenka (and Perníček :P ) are proud to invite you to the first hiking trip of this semester. This time it's the one for the less lazy among you, it's hiking in beautiful nature of to the protected landscape area of Bohemian Paradise. Bohemian Paradise is a complex of sandstone rocks and well-preserved nature. We have prepared an undemanding hiking route following the so-called Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise. But don’t worry, during the day we will be divided into five groups according to your endurance and actual conditions. The groups will detach from the main route earlier and will offer you to choose a hike exactly according to your needs, from the shortest route starting at “lazy” 8.4 kilometers to the “extreme” one with 19.0 kilometers.

REGISTRATION: The registration for this trip has 2 equally important steps:
1. Fill in the registration form: https://goo.gl/forms/1j7N8YlbDJCrEqWi1
2. Pay the trip fee during one of the trip fee payment meeting.

We will all start with one bunch, but as each person prefers different pace as well as difficulty, there will be 4 extra options were to take a shortcut to a railway stop. In general, there is the main route, the red one of 19 km. Other routes detach from the red one subsequently taking shorter way to the railway stops (and passing a restaurant on its way too so you have a place where to wait for the train).
• Red route (19.0 km): https://mapy.cz/s/2wx5z
• Green route (17.3 km): https://mapy.cz/s/2wx64
• Blue route (15.4 km): https://mapy.cz/s/2wx77
• Yellow route (13.5 km): https://mapy.cz/s/2wxbU
• Violet route (8.4 km): https://mapy.cz/s/2wxcj

PRICE below – the trip fee covers only the train ticket (there is no entrance fee in the hiking area)

WHAT TO EXPECT: We will meet up, take the train to get to the area, do a hike in a sandstone rocks area with many nice structures, gorges and viewpoints, get a lunch dinner and beer during the hike and afterwards take a train back home, (estimated arrival in case of Pardubice is at 8.28 p.m.)
For more insight put “český ráj” in Google Images and you’ll see.

ESSENTIALS: Take some clothes and shoes designated for nature and I really recommend taking a backpack instead of a bag. Trolleys forbade! Consider the weather forecast, it's early October so there is a chance to face a rain.

FOOD: Along the route, there will be few possibilities to get some refreshment, but naturally feel free to take something in your backpacks that will help you to survive… There will be a lunch stop in Hrubá Skála by the chateau and there will be a possibility to dine in a restaurant when waiting for the return train (this applies for each group, not sure about the red one and dinner, we will see how fast we gonna be, the only issue is timing).

EXTRAS: May is the month when spring is in its strongest swing, come to see it all around you in nature ;)

Event starts: 
12/05/2018 -
07:00 to 20:30
Český ráj (Bohemian paradise)
150 CZK
Event type: 
What's included: 
  • return train ticket
  • Registration is necessary