Dear Erasmus+ students and the European union citizens,

in the period from May 23rd till May 26th, the European parliament elections will take place in all the EU countries. And so in the soul of Erasmus Student Network Hradec Králové, we want to help you in use of your right to VOTE.

I (do not) want to participate in the elections:

1) If you want to, you can vote with us in the Hradec Králove city, in a polling station nearby the dormitories, but some administration obligations for this are required, and so if you want to use this option, contact me as soon as possible!!! The deadline is almost here.

We recommend to use other options to vote, according to the rules of your home country: You are propably able to vote:

2) via correspondence system

3) via the Internet (I think only for Estonia)

4) at your embassy in Prague

5) I do not know all the possibilities how to vote :)


inform us about your plans about the elections in this SHORT form, even if you do not want to participate

Event starts: 
24/05/2019 - 00:01 to 26/05/2019 - 23:59
Hradec Kralove
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