>>> This event is intended for students outside Pardubice as "our Pardubice guys" have their own event in closed FB group <<<

The first ESN Hiking Trip isn't gone yet, but there is already time to reveal the second one. Your buddies team of Martin, Kristýna, Markéta, Jaroslav, Jiří, Anna, Marina, Pavel and Vojtěch is glad to invite you once more to another wonderful event. We will visit one of Czech National Parks, the National Park of Bohemian Switzerland. It is a complex of sandstone rocks and well preserved nature, one of the most beautiful places in our country. The catch is that this kind of beauties doesn’t come to you but you have to come thereto!


Price includes:
• Accommodation in the bed and breakfast accommodation in Jetřichovice: 500 CZK
• train ticket according to the amount of persons: 360 CZK
• boat ride in the Edmund’s gorge (Edmundova soutěska): 80 CZK
• entrance fee to the viewing point by Pravčice gate (Pravčická brána): 75 CZK
• bus tickets: 27 + 15 + 36 = 78 CZK
• and a lot of invaluable memories :)

PAYMENT: First payment will be held during the National Evening on Thursday May 10th.

WHAT TO EXPECT: On Saturday we will take the morning train at 7.10 a.m. from Pardubice and get to the National Park. Here our hike starts in the narrow valley of Kamenice River. The valley slowly grades into a gorge and we will take a boat ride in the narrowest part named Edmund’s gorge. The hike follows to the famous symbol of National park, the largest rock gate in Europe called Pravčice gate (Pravčická brána), where our lunch break will be held. The hike will continue through the National Park to the village of Jetřichovice afterwards. Our cozy bed and breakfast accommodation awaits us in this village. The evening programme consists of traditional Czech way of grilling.
As the sun goes up and a new day comes we will get our breakfast and start another hike, this time we’ll climb up to the Maria’s mountain view and Vilemínina stěna with their impressive views, pass by many other nice rock massives like Rudolf’s stone, visit the ruin of Šaunštejn castle and much more. During the second day there will be more possibilities to shorten the hike if someone feels so. Later on we will reunite in the restaurant, get a dinner and beer and take a train back to Pardubice
Bear in your mind that you must carry your backpack all the time, so take only the stuff you really need and some easy-to-carry baggage.

HIKING DISTANCE: Total walking distance on Saturday will be 21.3 km. But for the lazy group thee will be several places to detach from the group and finish it by bus (first one after 9 km).
Total walking distance on Sunday is subject to decide in the morning, I expect 12.3 km (but a little bit more demanding profile), but there are other version with 7 km, 17 or 22.4 km. We can divide us in more groups led by Buddies or experienced hikers. And the same measure as on Saturday is applied, there will be more points to detach the group and finish it by bus.
There will be some stops and time for resting but don’t expect breaks every 100 m and Sunday walking at a snail's gallop ;)

ESSENTIALS:Take some clothes and shoes designated to the nature and I recommend to take a backpack instead of a bag. Trolleys and high heels forbidden!

FOOD: This time prepare some snack, fruit or other energy sources, plus sufficient amount of liquids to your backpacks, we will be in the middle of “wild nature”, there won’t be so many places to eat. On Saturday we will held a break by the Pravčice gate to enjoy the views of this remarkable place as well as to get fed in local restaurant, but it will be approximately at 3 p.m. Dinner (traditional Czech grilling or anything else in restaurant in the village) and breakfast (buffet breakfast) will be provided in our accommodation. The lunch on Sunday will be held most likely after the trip when back to civilization, so it’s gonna be around 2 p.m.

If you’re not afraid of Buddies as your leaders in the middle of wilderness or of this „long“ distance, don’t hesitate and fill in the registration form (https://goo.gl/forms/1ateZaoExTDGdCy82), let us know that you're in! Don’t be lazy guys and let’s go explore new places.

Event starts: 
02/06/2018 - 07:00 to 03/06/2018 - 21:00
Bohemian Switzerland national park
1100 CZK
Event type: 
  • Signed terms & conditions
  • Registration is necessary