There are plenty of restaurants where you can get a good and cheap meal, especially during lunch time. Feel free to explore various places!

We can recommend trying Il Toro if you want to eat in a modern cozy atmosphere. They offer various types of Pasta dishes. If you want to invite someone really important to you, try Mexita restaurant. You can't make a mistake. They offer the best from Mexican and Italian dishes in premium quality.

Il toro     Mexita

In both of these restaurants, you will get the discount, if you use your vouchers from the Welcome package.

There are also many fast food stalls in the town center where you can get a hamburger, gyros or pizza at a bargain price.

If you like pizza, try Restaurant and pizzeria Santa Maria. They offer a lot of different pizzas and also other meals. You will definitely choose something for yourself.


If you like coffee or you want to just enjoy some time with your friends, you can try any of cafés in Hradec. We would recommend you to visit rather small local cafés which are mostly located within the old town.

In most of the cafés, you can get a lot of different coffees, desserts, hot drinks and somewhere even some tapas.

In Náplavka café & music bar you can enjoy the nice atmosphere. Sometimes you can see some concerts in the evening. If you will buy a cake, you will get a coffee if you show ESNcard.

naplavka_inside     naplavka_outside

Another nice café is Artičok, where you can enjoy café and also some sweet desserts.

If you want to try something else, you can try Vozáb café or Café na kole („Café on the bike“). Close to them, there is also beautiful Vintage flowers café with romantic atmosphere and fresh flowers all around.

Biggest cafés are Crosscafé all over a town. It is like coffee fast-food, where many things are just so-so, but you almost can not avoid visiting some. There are four cafés in the city, for example, one is in the technical library, next to the University of Hradec Králové. We would recommend you visiting small cafés instead of Crosscafé. Visit many of them and find the best one, which you like the most.

Barbecue and picnic

If you want to enjoy sunny days out of the city buildings, you can go to Šimkovy sady. There are a few public grills which you can use, you just need to bring your own briquettes and meat. You can just make a picnic inside the park or play some games. Šimkovy sady is the most beautiful park in Hradec.


Eating at home

The best way how to spend an evening with friends is cooking together some national meals and sharing experiences with cuisine in your country.
If you are lazy and don’t want to leave your flat? Order a home meal delivery in Mám Hlad v HK. You can order a food from different types of restaurants in the city and they will deliver it to your home.

If you want to order pizza, then you can try Pizza Panda, Pizza Express, Fortys pizza or Pizza Luigi.