Each section participating in Survival Weekend should have one coordinator. It doesn't matter whether it is a section member or a foreign student. The task of the coordinator is quite simple. You can find coordinator's tasks below:

  • He/she is in contact with ESN Buddy System HK.
  • He/she promotes and inform students in his/her home section about Survival Weekend by any means necessary (presentations, chit chat, ...)
  • Is responsible for collecting participant fees in his home section.
  • Is responsible for sending money ESN Buddy System HK in one of two ways:
    • transferring to the bank account 2500810041/2010
    • ESN BS HK has agreed to accept the fees personally during SW
  • Is responsible for taking participants to Hradec Králové to the buses which will take them to SW.

His/her participant fee is discounted. We will give you more information on the email.

Contact us at sw@buddyhk.cz