Either you’re looking for a fitness centrum or you prefer to sport in nature, Hradec can offer you both. If you prefer nature, there is an 11-kilometre cycleway in the wood of Malšovice, where you can do biking, in-line skating or run. Bikes, in-line skates, and other items can be lent in the camp Stříbrný Rybník. You can also enjoy a bit of adrenalin in the local forest climbing park or play paintball.

Laser game

Talking about adrenalin, you also should miss the opportunity to play Laser Game in HK, where you also get a discount with our ESNcard.


And when you want to run away from summer heat or just relax in the water, you can advantage of the 50-meter indoor swimming pool Městské Lázně, the aqua park and the outdoor swimming pool Koupaliště Flošna available in the summer period (you can also find a wellness, fitness centrum and bowling here).

Ice skating

The winter stadium "Zimní stadion hala II" offers another means of active leisure activity in HK. The ice rink is open for public mostly on weekends in the afternoon.

The price is 30 CZK (+ 5 CZK for the cloakroom). Ice skates are not available for rent there, you have to bring your own skates.
The exact times and dates are always available on the official website.

Squash centrum

In squash centrum you can do a lot of activities. You can play squash, table tennis, you can go to solarium or do activities as pilates, trampolines and many many others.


If you need to train your body or just want to do something for your health, there are four fitness centers close to university’s accommodations. Next to the Palachova dorms is an Extrifit gym, where you can get a discount with ESNcard. Or you can try others: Fitness Centrum Nových SportůFitness Filip or Fitness Fitland

Cultural activities


There are three cinemas in HK: Cinestar, BioCentrál, and open-air cinema Širák. The widest choice is at multi-screen cinema Cinestar in the Futurum shopping mall. BioCentrál is a smaller cinema presenting itself as a non-commercial cinema showing good-quality and mostly independent or foreign language movies. In the summer period, an open-air cinema Širák is accessible.


Klicpera’s Theatre (Klicperovo divadlo) of Hradec Králové is well considered one of the best Czech theaters. Regular tickets cost 180 CZK to 250 CZK, morning play price is 90 CZK and with ISIC card you've 20% from the regular price.

Museums and Galleries

Art and history fans can visit local galleries and museums, such as the famous Museum of Eastern Bohemia (Muzeum východních Čech) at the river Labe embankment. Besides a permanent exhibition of the city architecture history, there are some seasonal exhibitions. Don’t miss two unique models of the city which are displayed there – one depicting the fort at the half 19th century and the other one the period of architectural development at the beginning of the 20th century.

For those of you who like art, there are many places you can visit. First of all, Hradec Králové itself is quite remarkable for its architecture, especially the Old Town and surrounding. Furthermore, there are a few galleries. The Gallery of Modern Art, which was reopened at the end of the year 2016, and other smaller galleries that can be found in the Vědecká knihovna ( Gallery U Přívozu), Gallery Na Hradě or in the Vonkova library (Ústřední knihovna HK).

Observatory and Planetarium

Near to the Palachova dormitories, you can find Observatory and Planetarium. A great place to enjoy looking at stars and learn some new facts about the universe! If the sky is clear in the evening, you can also take advantage of evening sky observations. Enjoy walking along a Planetary Trail which is a model of our Solar System in the scale 1:1 billion.

Concerts and Music

Not only Czech but also famous foreign musicians and artists perform at the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra (Filharmonie HK). Hradec Cultural and Educational Society (Hradecká kulturní a vzdělávací společnost) runs a number of cultural institutions in the city, for example, City Music Hall (Městská hudební síň) or various music and dance festivals.


Since Hradec Králové is regarded as a student city, the nightlife is quite rich. Besides the most famous  Nox club (where you can get free entrance with ESNcard every Wednesday),  Level or  La Fabrique with regular and popular parties. There are other options, such as the  AC Club, a cozy student club with life concerts,  Country Club Lucie with occasional rock concerts etc. No more words needed, you will definitely explore all the options by yourself.


There are three major festivals taking place in Hradec Králové. The first one is Majáles. Májáles is connected to many events, but the most famous and significant one is the open-air concert in May. The second one is the Open-air Theatre Festival. It takes place by the end of June when the streets of the Old town fill with artists and vacation mood. Last but not least, Rock for People – the biggest music festival in Hradec Králové hosting singers and bands from foreign countries as well as the Czech ones, takes place each October. During this festival, you can see some really world famous stars like Muse, The Prodigy, Morcheeba, Arctic Monkeys, Placebo, Ska-P, Offspring and many others.