Since you’ve got your Buddy, he’ll contact you to solve all the problems with your arrival. He’ll tell you how to get from the PRG Airport to HK for example or if necessary, someone will come to pick you up. Usually, one person picks up a bigger group.

When you’re finally in Hradec, your Buddy will accompany you and inform you about everything you need in the city. But you can always write also anyone else from the ESN Buddy System so don’t be shy.

Orientation in the city

For sure you’ll need a map of the city Hradec Králové to better orientate by the map - you can see it at the bottom of this page.
Here you’ll find everything necessary you’ll need during your stay in Hradec. But don’t be worry – during the first week of your stay is an “Orientation Week”, we will take you, for example for Sightseeing through the city.

Orientation in the University buildings

You can ask your Buddy to show you around because in the first days you might be a little bit confused. Or you can discover everything by yourself. The „A – Building“ (the nearest one to the main road) is the „capital“ and representative building of our university, but as an Erasmus student you’ll spend a lot of time in the „J – Building“ which is connected to Building A. This building is the one of Faculty and management and here you can find an ESN Buddy System HK office.

More information about buildings you can find at UHK website.


You’ll be accommodated at the University Dormitory (Palachovy) or at Hotel Garni (if you are from Charles University). First of all, you need to check-in the dormitory. You’ll be required to fill in some check-in documents and pay your rent in advance (for the whole stay!). After that, you get your keys for the entrance and your room/flat.


How to become a student of UHK?

You need to register at the International Office of your faculty to become a lawful student of our university. The meeting will be arranged shortly after your arrival.

Your coordinator will give you also an ISIC card, login, and password for the UHK Computer network, a timetable etc.


Your personal ISIC card is proof that you’re a regular UHK student. It enables you to enter the university building, library or dormitory, as well as to print and copy. This card also entitles you to various discounts (food, sports, etc.) not only in Hradec but in all Czech Republic.

UHK Computer Network

To be able to use the university PC Network, you have to use your given login and password you get from your coordinator. You can either use computer rooms at the university, dormitory or connect to a wireless network Eduoram from your laptop. Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere around UHK buildings and dormitory. Just be aware – the school PC Network is meant for school issues, so you won’t be able to play for example games on it.

SIM Card

You’ll definitely need a Czech phone number to communicate easily with your Buddy or new friends. You will get a Vodafone SIM card in your Welcome Package. It contains a bundle focused on providing you with internet connection on the go, as described below.

  • Bundle with 3 GB of data and unlimited SMS within the Vodafone CZ network per month within a 50% discount for the next 6 months.
  • Minute of calling to 4 selected numbers in all networks in CZ for 1,90 CZK
  • Minute of calling other numbers in CZ for 3,50 CZK
  • SMS for 1,90 CZK
  • MMS for 4,50 CZK
  • Everything in English!

Bank Account

To make you stay here a little bit easier, we prepared for you a tailored bank account which is going to be advantageous for you like withdrawal etc. All information about the account can be found in its dedicated section.

Bus Card

You might also need a Bus Card for public transportation in all Hradec. Your Buddy will take you to Public Transport Office to help you with the documents – you’ll have to fill in an application form. For that, you’ll need a passport photo, confirmation of study and 90CZK. It depends on the credit you want to have; There is a possibility to pay a year permit for ca. 1500CZK or three months permit for 600CZK. Monthly permits cost 230CZK. You can, by all means, load some exact amount of money on it and pay as you go by public transportation. This card you can use for all the means of public transportation. Detailed information about the bus card can be found in its dedicated section.

Registration at Foreign Police Department

For some of you, it might be necessary to register at the Foreign Police Department within the first days after your arrival to the Czech Republic! Ask your Buddy for more details about that. He might go there with you as well. Don’t forget to bring the required documents with you (passport, travel and insurance documents).