Are you a non-EU student? Has your visa expired and you’re leaving the Czech Republic (Hradec Králové) with a stop in some other European country? 

If yes, then, you’ll need the stamp! (COVID razítko)

The good news is that if you’re leaving from Prague airport, you can just get it from the foreign police at Prague airport.

If you’re leaving Hradec Králové by bus or train, pay attention! You’ll need to visit the foreign police (cizinecká police) in Hradec before leaving. 

However, the foreign police only work on Monday and Wednesday and they are supposed to close at 5 but if there's no one, they might just close for the day. So you should try to be there as early as possible. 

Once again: 
Students leaving the Czech Republic from the Prague airport will not be able to get this stamp in the foreign police (cizinecká police) in HK, but in the Prague airport. According to the police officers in HK, it works non-stop there and therefore in HK they will deny this stamp to anyone making the trip back home if they’re leaving from the Prague airport.

Students leaving the Czech Republic by train/bus (that would then transfer somewhere in Schengen to leave Europe) should go on the last possible day to the cizinecká police in HK and only then will they give them this razítko (stamp). 

Where should you go? 

Ulrichovo nám. 810, 500 02 Hradec Králové, Google maps link

Here’s a video:

Requirements to get this stamp

They might ask for it or they might not, in any case, you should have it (just your  passport is not enough)

  • Passport
  • Accommodation contract/proof - in Czech
  • Study confirmation (or proof of the previous studies) - in Czech
  • Insurance contract - in Czech
  • A printed version of their travel itinerary (so the officers can see from where they're leaving)

If you go to the foreign police and try to get this "COVID stamp" despite them leaving from the Prague airport, you will be redirected to the OAMP (Ministry of Interior, MoI, Immigration Police). And in the OAMP they will try to give you this other thing Výjezdní příkaz, which is kind of the "leave notice"), which is a pretty bad thing to have in your passport. 

If possible, do include a message in Czech that you can print and show to the officers (explaining where you’re going, your travel itinerary + your status as a student + the impossibility to leave before). This last part is very important since, as usual, they do not speak a word of English. You can ask your coordinator (or your buddy, if you have one) to help you with this one.