Newest information is on top.

You are obliged by law to keep yourself posted by monitoring the situation via media (internet/TV...)!

26.3. 09:00

In case the latest info (24.3) did not reach you yet:

It is forbidden to stay and spend time in public areas in groups bigger than 2 people. With an exception for household members (flatmates and families with kids can form larger groups). We are also ordered(reminded) to keep 2m distance during communication.

Shopping times for elders (65+) were moved AGAIN to 8:00-10:00 in the morning. This applies to all kinds of stores with shopping area larger than 500m², except for pharmacies.

We all love our government - long term ;-)

21.3. 11:00

Just a super tiny update on the current state of emergency regulations:

Shopping times for elders(65+) were moved to 7:00-9:00 in the morning. This applies to all kinds of stores, except for pharmacies.
So now you are not allowed to go shopping between 7:00 - 9:00.
Previous limitation between 10:00 and 12:00 no longer applies. (is canceled)*

18.3. 14:30

We are sharing with you an update about new COVID-19 measures. I am also putting the info about going to parks and nature on the right track (I am sorry for not attending this issue earlier).

You can still find short and well structured info on UHK websites (Useful for Charles University students as well). 

From today 18.3.12:00 everyone in the Hradec Králové region is obliged by law to wear respiratory protection while being in public.

This law will also be applied to the whole Czech Republic from today's midnight.

Facemasks, scarves and bandanas (basically any piece of cloth) are allowed as  means of respiratory protection, so as long as you are covering your mouth and nose with something you are fine from the law point of view.

Playground in front of the Palachova Dorms officially belongs to the Hradec Králové, not to the University - thus it is public property,  so you have to wear face masks even there.

This means that whenever you go outside of the dorms (your flat) you should wear some sort of respiratory protection.

This was issued to limit possible sperading of the virus by coughing - When you wear a cloth face mask you mainly protect others from you.

Also from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (two hours) the shops selling food are opened only for people older than 65.

During the rest of the opening hours, the shops are open as usual.

I believe that this is self-explanatory and you should not go to food stores in that time period.

To put on the right track the general info about going to the parks and nature:

As you might have already heard, from March 16 the whole Czech Republic is under quarantine.

Free movement of people is forbidden with several exceptions
You should leave your homes only for necessary commutes - buy food, medicine, groceries, going to work, taking care of relatives and friends, using necessary post and bank services, you are also allowed to spend your time in the parks and in nature.

Social distancing measures are recommended.

  • You should limit your presence in public spaces to a minimum and move only in close proximity of your residence.
  • You should limit  personal contact with others to a minimal necessary amount.
  • You should keep 2 meters distance from others if possible and prefer contactless way of payment. 
  • You are allowed to go for a walk to the parks and nature - But only in the proximity of your residence. 
    (Going on a trip to Czech Switzerland to see nature there is not an acceptable way of behaviour during quarantine and you could be fined for it.) 
  • You are also expected to go on walks either alone or with your household members. (Your flatmates are your household members, people living in another flat are not).
    So if you see family with kids outside staying close to each other, they are not breaking any laws.

All the measures are taken to limit the spreading of COVID-19, please take them seriously and limit your own social activities at the dorms accordingly.

14.3. 15:00

The University of Hradec Králové started sharing all the important information regarding COVID-19 and international students on their websites - here is a link. It is worth checking out even if you are from Charles University.

Well structured info is also available on  ->just click the Coronavirus Measures part.

Today you may have heard a lot of various information about the borders of Czech Republic being closed at 16. 3. 2020 - our Ministry of the Interior did send graphical representation of upcoming restrictions and somehow later changed their mind and send a new, more reasonable one. :-) This caused a lot of misinformation among the general public (Wrong info can still be found on various news-related websites and even on the official websites of our Ministry of Health).

Correct and current state of affairs can be found here.

So from legislative point of view you will be allowed to leave Czech Republic even past  16 March 2020 0:00 AM. But you will not be allowed to return back here until the state of emergency ends.
If you are planning to return home, do not forget to consider the current state of  internationl transportation network.  

Updated information sheet:

* Exceptions – see
** List of risk countries will be updated according to information of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

13.3. 12:00

* Exceptions – see
** List of risk countries will be updated according to information of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic


12.3. 16:30

We are reaching to you with the latest government announcements, to keep you up to date.
12. 3. 2020 Important! Czech government announced STATE OF EMERGENCY for the next 30 days.

Czech government bans theater, music, film, art, religion, association, dance , tradition based events and all other gatherings of both public and private character with more than 30 participants until further notice.

From this Friday 13.3. the general public is banned from entering all food related businesses (pubs, restaurants, food stands) in the time between 8 pm and 6 am – which means early morning and late evening. All food services(fast food and restaurants) in big shopping centers with over 5000 square meters of „market area“ will be closed.

From this Friday 6 am all recreational facilities like gyms, sport fields, swimming pools, tanning salons and saunas, wellness, music and social clubs, galleries and public libraries are off limits to the general public.

Foreigners arriving from coronavirus high-risk countries (China, South Korea, Iran, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and France) without a long term residence visa (more than 90 days) will not be allowed to enter Czech Republic.

Czech citizens are banned from travelling into those high-risk countries.

Czech citizens returning high-risk countries have to undergo 14 days of quarantine.

You can read daily news for Czech Republic in english for example on this three sites:


  • All recreational facilities are closed.
  • Expect your favourite drinking places to be closed in the evening.
  • Do not organize parties and gatherings at the dorms - keep it small.
  • Avoid travelling outside of Czech Republic because it might get quite hard to return back. 
  • Especially older citizens lacking common sense, might start avoiding you, just because you are  foreigners. :-)

We will try to keep you posted,


11.3. 23:00

Limitation of our activities

Based on the measurements issued by the Ministry of Health (Czech Republic) and taken on by all
education facilities in Czech Republic, we as ESN Hradec Králové have decided to stay coherent and
support attempts, of our government and beloved universities, to limit the spreading of coronavirus

Based on that decision we are taking the following measures, which will be valid until further notice:

  • Our office, located at UHK ground is off limits to all students and buddies and thereby closed.
  • All our official events and trips which require personal attendance are canceled and thus no new official events of this character will be planned.
  • All the students who have registered and paid for any upcoming event are eligible for full refund.
  • All our communication platforms are here for you and will provide you with further info.

We as buddies will continue to meet you on an individual basis.