The best way to use public transport in Hradec Králové and also the neighbor city Pardubice is a City Card that you apply for after your arrival. In public transportation, you can always buy a ticket directly from the driver on the bus, but this card saves your time and also money. The ticket bought through the city card is cheaper.

There are several places spread in the city where you can charge your card. ( Map of charging places)

Two ways how to use the city card

Electronic wallet

You will deposit a certain amount money to the card. Every time you pay with the card, a value will be withdrawn from your credit. A single basic fare is 14CZK by using an electronic wallet (20CZK by using paper ticket).

Every time when you get on a bus, you are obligated to place the card on the reader. In case you use a bus only for two stops, you can place the card on the reader again while getting off. The price will get reduced.

+ If you don't use public transportation that much, it's a better choice. You can use this card to pay for the city swimming pool, in a ski bus and use it in neighbor city Pardubice.

- You have to place the card in the reader and you always need to watch your credit status.

Time fare

You will buy a service for a certain price that will allow you to use the public transportation freely for a time period – season ticket. You can choose among a variety of tickets. Moreover, you can get a discount as a student.

Prices of time fares for students are: monthly ticket 230CZK, 3-month ticket 600CZK, 6-month ticket 980CZK, … We recommend you to get a 3-month ticket, which is the best value for money. After a period of three months, you can recharge your Card according to your planned date of departure

While using public transport you usually don´t have to place your card on the reader. Just be careful and assure yourself you have the card with you! From 7 pm to 4 am, on weekends and holidays, you are obligated to get on a bus by using front doors and place your card on the reader to prove your card validity.

+ You don't have to place the card to the reader every time you ride a bus. Also, you don't have to watch the credit status.

- If you don't use public transportation very often it's completely useless. Also, you can't use this card to pay in the pool unless you have some credit on it.

Application for the city card

Application form (in English) can be found in the attachment below.

  1. Read Transport Terms and Conditions.
  2. Fill the form and print it.
  3. Submit the application at any one of the Public Transport ticket sales points. Bring your ID card or passport, ID photo 3,5 x 4.5 cm. The card will be issued to you here.
  4. Applicants for the activation of a reduced Student card prove their eligibility with a confirmation (attachment below), ISIC card or student certificate from the university.
  5. When submitting the application, an activation fee is paid for the City Card (95CZK).

Transit Inspection

Don´t use public transportation without a valid ticket! While transit checking, you are obligated to show your valid transport document (card, paper ticket, etc.) to the inspector. The surcharge for transit without a valid transport document is stipulated at the total amount of 1000CZK. In case you pay it in cash within the deadline of three working days, the surcharge shall be reduced to 400CZK.

If you just forgot your bus card at home at time of the inspection and you subsequently prove that you had already purchased a valid non-transferable time-based ticket within the deadline of three working days, the surcharge shall be reduced to 50.-CZK

For more information, Visit a page of transportation company or ask your buddy.