General information

Komerční Banka (KB) is one of our partners because it offered a great service and account for incoming students. Opening hours, address and other information can be found in KB partner's profile.

EUR account is paid separately, but It can be free with the Merlin insurance (348CZK a year, paid on January 1st). If you show ISIC card, you will get from bank 350CZK free bonus so even with the insurance you won't pay anything.

Student account G2.2 contains:

  • A current account in CZK
  • Internet banking free of charge
  • A mobile banking app free of charge
  • Electronic account statements free of charge
  • The account is under your control on a 24/7 basis thanks to the internet and mobile banking ( Expresní linka,  Expresní linka Plus,  MojeBanka,  Mobilní banka)
  • Incoming and outgoing domestic electronic transactions in CZK, including standing orders in CZK, free of charge
  • Account keeping is free of charge for students up to 30
  • A one-time bonus of CZK 350 for a valid ISIC card (the bonus covers the cost of the ISIC card issued by the school)
  • An embossed G2 international payment card (VISA or MasterCard), with the client’s own design free of charge
  • Free international travel insurance on the card
  • Free withdrawals from KB ATMs in the Czech Republic and one free ATM withdrawal outside the Czech Republic monthly using the embossed G2 card
  • Payment card insurance (Merlin), fee as per the price list ( 348CZK per year. Paid at the start of new year)
  • A discount on another EUR or USD account, with a free embossed card (study stays or holidays outside the Czech Republic)
  • A special offer of a service package for Erasmus students going abroad
  • A unique G2 website for students, offering detailed information (

Documents required for opening a G2.2 account

  • A passport or ID card
  • Address of permanent residence in the home country
  • Address of temporary residence in the Czech Republic ( Palachova / Garni / Private housing)
  • A Czech mobile phone number
  • An e-mail address
  • Confirmation of enrolment in the Czech Republic, issued by the school
  • Confirmation of the student’s inclusion in the Erasmus program

Arrange the meeting.

In order to open an account, you can come individually anytime, but we highly recommend you to make an appointment for proper date & time.
If you are willing to come in a group of 3 or more at the same time, the appointment is necessary. English speaking consultants are listed below.
You can ask your buddy to go with you, but there is nothing to be afraid of to handle it even alone.

Opening hours, address and other information can be found in KB partner's profile.

Ing. Kateřina Ludvíková
Banking consultant
tel:      +420 955 567 163 
gsm:      +420 606 310 283
Ing. Miloslava Rosůlková
Banking consultant
tel:      +420 955 567 164
gsm:      +420 602 676 474

Account cancellation

  • It is necessary to cancel an account personally at KB bank office.
  • It is not possible to cancel the account remotely from a different country.
  • Make sure you cancel your account before your departure, especially if you are sure you are not coming back