ESN Hradec Králové is a student organization, which was originally established under the name Buddy System Hradec Králové in the year 2003 in Hradec Králové at the University Hradec Králové. Nowadays the organization has about 30 active members and is striving for more.

There are many activities organized by ESN HK, but the very first and the basic goal of our organization is to help foreign students during their stay in Hradec Králové. 

For foreign students staying and studying in Hradec Králové means getting new experience, getting to know many unknown places and usually it is not easy for them to orient in the city or in the university system. They can also be faced with the problem of an uncomfortable language barrier. That is why the members of ESN HK try to make the stay of foreign students as pleasant as possible and try to prevent all of their eventual troubles. Every semester we host 70 - 150 students from many countries all around the world.

After their arrival to the Czech Republic we pick them up at the airport or a railway station, we help them to get to the dormitories, to accommodate and we assist them with all necessary form filling issues (such as city card, ISIC card, etc...). We also organize lots of trips, presentations, international dinners, parties and another kind of free time activities.