Available from Monday 30th January in Buddy office!!!

Welcome packages are here to provide foreign students with things they could use upon their arrival to Hradec Králové. Their content and price might differ from semester to semester, but based on our experience we're trying to prepare the package with useful discount vouchers, promo materials. Package also contain a prepaid SIM card with czech phone number.

The package costs 350 CZK and contains following:

  • Promo materials from ESN Buddy System HK
  • Map of the center of the city
  • Vodafone SIM Card (with 150 CZK credit)
  • Discount to the Mexita restaurant – 50 CZK
  • Discount to the IL Toro/U bejka restaurant – 50 CZK
  • Entry ticket to the Welcome party – 150 CZK
  • ESNcard - 100 CZK
  • CrossCafe card - 100 CZK