International students are provided with accommodation at one of two university dormitories. Students from University of Hradec Králové (UHK) live at Palachova dormitory, students from Charles university live at Garni dormitory. Both dormitories are situated in a southern part of the city. There is a convenient bus connection to all faculties or city center.

Palachova dormitory

It is a block of flats with entrances marked A-G. There are seven floors in each entrance and three two-room flats at each floor.

Students usually share a room with one or two students, according to the size of a flat, but a maximum number of students in one flat is six. Kitchen and sanitary facilities are shared for each flat. There is a fridge with a freezer and an electric stove of two hot plates in the kitchen, but it is not equipped with kitchenware. Some things might be left there by previous flat occupants. Each student is provided with a desk, a bed with a pillow, a duvet and bed linen.


At the dormitory grounds, there is a playing field. Fitness room, table-tennis, piano, TV, internet room and launderette are situated at the dormitory basement. You can access all the facilities by presenting your ISIC Card at a reception. Laundry is the only paid-for service – it costs 20CZK per 2 hours plus 10CZK for every extra hour.

The Internet is accessible at the whole dormitory. Entrances A and B are equipped with internet cables and the other entrances are covered by wifi network. There is also a non-stop internet room at the basement with desktop computers as well as cables to connect your own laptop.

It is possible to copy and print at the reception. The system is the same at the whole UHK.

Accommodation Office

To borrow keys from dormitory facilities, buy some food or make arrangements concerning your rent payment visit the Accommodation office located at the reception desk. Learn some basic phrases in Czech to be understood.


Palachovy koleje UHK 
(your entrance/flat f.e. B4) 
Palachova 1129, 
500 12 Hradec Králové, 
Czech Republic 


room room kitchen
kitchen bathroom corridor

Garni dormitory

At the dormitories is one part reserved especially for Erasmus students. The dorm rooms are mostly for two people. At one floor is ten rooms, kitchen with fridge and other facilities is shared for all the floor and also there is a bathroom separated for men and women.

Flats are sized of 2-4 persons, each floor around 40 students (girls and boys), so you can meet many new friends.


At the dormitories, students have available room for ping-pong, TV room, two laundry and drying rooms, room for musicians and small gym.
There is a University club and bar ATP on the first floor, so you do not need to change blank sheets
There is also placed canteen and cafeteria, which serves all university students in Hradec Králové.

Each student is provided with a desk and wardrobe, a bed with a pillow, duvet and bed sheet

There are small kitchen and separate showers with toilets for girls and boys on every floor

At dorms is also health center for students, including dental center.


Na Kotli
Na Kotli 1147
502 96 Hradec Králové, 
Czech Republic 

Private Accommodation

You can arrange a private accommodation in Hradec Králové. However, it only pays off if you share a flat with more people and you should take into account that you won’t be in touch with other international students so often if you live out of the dormitory, which may be a huge disadvantage.